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  • We focus on doing what it takes to improve your vision 
  • We are one of Perth's newest laser vision correction facilities 
  • We combine personalised care with the latest high tech vision correction technology 
  • We provide affordable vision correction 

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555 Marmion Street
WA 6154

08 9329 6000


9 Perilya Road
WA 6025

08 9308 3320

Dr Lourens Van Zyl                     

  • Post graduate fellowship trained* in all areas of laser and vision correction surgery
  • Master’s degree in cataract and laser vision correction surgery
  • Post graduate diploma in cataract and vision correction surgery
  • Post graduate fellowship trained* in advanced corneal transplant and glaucoma surgery
  • Offers individual customised vision correction treatment plans

“I strive to provide my patients with the highest quality of ophthalmic care in the most caring, professional and relaxed environment.”

*a fellowship is a period of medical training, usually 1-2 years, where a qualified specialist undertakes supervised sub-specialty training

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Professor Geoffrey Crawford                   

Professor Geoffrey Crawford is one of Australia’s leading ophthalmic surgeons and is an internationally recognised expert in corneal, cataract, refractive and laser surgery. He is a
highly skilled and highly experienced eye surgeon who has been at the forefront of ophthalmology’s
evolutionary changes throughout his career - as a recognised surgeon, teacher, researcher and innovator.

Professor Crawford specialises in all forms of vision corrective surgery including LASIK, PRK, PTK, refractive lens exchange, and insertion of phakic intraocular lenses (ICL).

He performs lens surgery for cataracts and for refractive errors. As an expert in corneal and conjunctival diseases of the eye, Professor Crawford performs all surgeries related to these conditions including all types of corneal transplantation, pterygium removal, ocular surface tumour removal and correction of keratoconus with intracorneal ring segments (Kerarings) and corneal collagen cross-linking.

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